Lula Who?

dsc01074I am sure I am not the only one who’s Facebook news feed is full of invites to online parties selling LuLa something or another brand clothing.  My sister bought a pair.  I was intrigued and asked to check them out.  Yes, they were soft.  Almost everyone I ask who “loves” them just comments about how soft they are.  I was just sure that there was a fabric out there available to purchase that was similar if not the same to make my own leggings.  Luckily once I started looking I realized there are so many options to buy double brushed polyester lycra knit and that it is very affordable.  The best part is that instead of having to fork out $25 for a pair of one size fits all leggings, I could make a custom size for myself for under $7!

First, you need to find a pattern.  Luckily, with the recent popularity of leggings there are several pattern designers who offer their legging pattern at no cost.  The pattern that I used for today’s blog post is the Ninja Pants Pattern by 5 Out of 4 Patterns.  Depending on your body type and your personal preferences you might find you like another pattern more than the other, which is totally ok!  For me the Ninja Pants work the best for everyday leggings.  There is just the right amount of negative ease to fit snug but not distort the fabric pattern.

dsc01075Once you have your pattern you can begin to select your fabric.  I have found 3 great retailers that sell double brushed polyester lycra blend knits at great prices.  Love Adore Knits has the largest selection at great prices if you are looking for prints…especially florals.  She also carries a heavier weight solid double brushed poly that is just amazing.  The black top I am wearing in the pictures here is an example of that.  The fun french fry print and the floral in these photos was purchased from Print Knit Studios.  All three fabrics were $7 or less per yard and each garment only took 1 yard of fabric!  Purple Seamstress also has a great selection of double brushed poly.  She has 14 solid colors she keeps in stock for only $7.50 per yard and will occasionally post prints on her Facebook page for sell.  She can also send you a swatch card of the solids so you can match your prints before you buy!

dsc01076Now that you have all your materials squared away we can take a look at the pattern. In a previous blog post I went in detail reviewing the Ninja Pants if you would like more information on the pattern.  The French Fry pants in my photos are high rise waist and capri length.  The floral pants are high rise and ankle length  The pattern does not call for elastic in the waistband.  I have not noticed any slipping down of my ninja pants, but I also make the high rise so they are sitting above my hips.

The top I am wearing in both my photos is also a pattern by 5 Out of 4 Patterns called the Nancy Raglan.  I use the v neckline and used the tunic length.  I am very happy with how this top pairs up with leggings.  It is not baggy, but not too clingy either.  It is just long enough to cover my rear end.

I have been running around all morning in my Lula Who tunic and leggings.  It is actually cool here in FL today and I have found my double brushed poly leggings to be very comfortable.  I can definitely see the appeal for those who don’t have the luxury of sewing things themselves to have comfortable, one size fits all clothing in fun prints.  That being said I think I will stick to sewing my own in a size that is just right for me.


About Boutique Birdie

A stay at home mom who enjoys sewing custom clothing for me and my family
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