Agility Tank and Ninja Pants by 5 Out of 4 Patterns

dsc01057Now that the holidays are over and the kids are back in school I finally had some time to sew something up for myself.  The first item on my sewing list for the new year was an Agility Top and Ninja Pants.  I like to go to Spin Class every week.  I only have two pair of spin pants and it always seems like they are both in the laundry bin when it is time for class.  This outfit has been planned for a long time.  I have had the fabric for this outfit in my stash since July!

The pink fabric is an “athletic knit” that I found in a clearance bin in Hobby Lobby in July.  The black is a light weight athletic polyester knit from Joann’s.  After all is said and done this outfit costs me less than $15.  You can’t even buy a sports bra for that price anymore!

dsc01058Let’s talk about the patterns.  The Ninja Pants are actually a free pattern.  (How cool is that?)  If you join the 5 Out of 4 Facebook group you can find a free pin code for the pattern.  I know there are a lot of free patterns for leggings out there right now, but for my body, this one works best.  I went with the high rise on this pair.  As you can see in the picture, the waist hits my true waistline.  I think this helps them stay put.  The pattern includes several waist options, including maternity.  There are also several lengths to choose from.  This length is the “pedal pusher” length.  I also really appreciate the gusset that is included with this pattern.  The pattern pieces print out very easily.  The pattern has a layer option so you can chose just the size/s you need to print.  There are very few pattern pieces since the leg is all one piece.  My ninja pants took less than an hour from printing the pattern to clipping my last thread.  I will definitely be making more of these pants in the near future!

Now on to the Agility Top.  I will be the first to admit that I have been really intimidated by this pattern.  I really have no idea why that is.  I bought the pattern the day it was released.  I actually feel quite silly now that it is all sewn up.  It is actually a pretty quick sew!  I really think that this pattern works perfectly with the Ninja Pants…mostly because I could cut the bra out of what was left of the fabric after cutting out my pants!  The Agility pattern has so many options to choose from.  First of all you can choose to use the overlay or not.  Then you can chose to make a dress or a top.  You can chose between a T back or a strappy back.  Finally, you have nursing options as well.

dsc01056This pattern is also very easy to print out.  There is a great printing guide to help you print only the pages you need for the options you chose.  Again, there are size layers so you can print only the size/s you need.  Once I had my pattern together and pieces all cut I grabbed my ipad and pulled up the pattern so I had it right there with me while I sewed.  I read this pattern several times before I sewed the first stitch.  I recommend you do the same.  It will make the whole process much easier.  I chose to sew the overlay option with a T back and bottom band.  The top did take a bit longer to sew up than the pants, which is to be expected.  The most time went into applying the binding.  I can’t stress enough to just go slow and take your time.  This will help so much.  One final thing I wanted to mention is that I did not use my serger for my Agility Top!  I just found it much easier to sew on my regular machine.  So don’t let a lack of serger stop you from trying this pattern.

Overall, I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with my new Spin outfit!  As you might guess from my appearance in this picture, the pictures were taken “post class” today.  Today’s class was brutal with lots of jumps out of the saddle.  These pants stayed put the whole time.  My other pants (one pair is sewn and one is store bought) never stay up the whole time.  I had plenty of support for my chest and stayed very comfortable the whole time.  There was no chaffing around the top or pants.  I think this outfit has become my official “Spin Outfit” from here on out.



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