Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  One of my favorite parts of fall is Halloween because that means I get to sew costumes.  It is so fun to see how their costumes come alive from their original idea to the finished product.  This year we have Ash Ketchum and Lilo.14853292_10103270765037744_2453509553112901168_o

Let’s look at Lilo first.  To make Lilo’s shift dress I used a combination of two Jalie patterns.  I used the top portion of the Women’s T-shirt pattern 2805 and the bottom of the Women’s Maxi Dress and Shawl-Collar Shrug pattern 3246.  All the white leaves were cut from white cotton lycra knit, fused to the dress, and were appliqued to the dress with a zig zag stitch on my machine.  It sure did take a lot of time but the results and smiles were worth it!  The red cotton lycra knit and the white cotton lycra knit fabric were both purchased from Purpleseamstress.

14855954_10103270765032754_6263513498694398867_oI have used the Women’s T-shirt pattern many times in many sizes as my girls have grown.  It has become a staple for us.  The fit is slim, which means I don’t have to alter the pattern.  This was my first experience with the Maxi Dress pattern.  I did like the fit on my daughter.  I was afraid the siloutte would be to slim after seeing the picture on the pattern cover.  The finished dress had plenty of ease and still gave us the look we were going for.  The dress is a bit of a challenge for my daughter to walk in.  I was surprised a dress this long would not have some sort of slit.  I do believe I will add at least a small one before I sew it the next time.

On to the Ash Ketchum costume.  This costume was not entire made by me.  I did purchase the hat online on Amazon since my embroidery machine will not take hats.  She is also wearing store bought jeans.  I did sew the shirt, pokeball and the fingerless gloves.  The shirt was made from the Bowling Shirt pattern by Scientific Seamstress.  I made an unlined version in a size 9/10 with the longest length.  I didn’t really do much to this pattern to make it look like Ash.  I made faux welt pockets by simply appliquing yellow rectangles to the front of the shirt and bound the bottom with yellow instead of hemming.  I also omitted the buttons and button holes since the character does not have them on his shirt.  I made a faux button tab at the neck that is not functional.

I have made several of these bowling shirts and they always come out great.  It is the perfect pattern for beginners and is a great way to use those busy character fabrics kids love.  I would measure your child before you start since sometimes I feel this pattern can run a bit short in length.  It is however extremely simple to add length to this pattern since the pieces are straight at the bottom of the shirt.

The pokeball was made from a free ball sewing pattern I found on the Stitches and Love blog.  To get the two seperate colors I cut 3 pieces of white and 3 pieces of red.  I hand stitched a black band around the center between the two colors and hand stitched the circles to the front.  It turned out to be a really quick and fun project!

The fingerless gloves were completely 11th hour improvisation!   I traced around my daughter’s hand, added ease and a seam allowance.  I sewed up between her thumb and hand and along the sides.  No hemming or any finishing.  They aren’t perfect, but work just find for a night of trick or treating.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and I can’t wait to see everyone’s handmade creations!


About Boutique Birdie

A stay at home mom who enjoys sewing custom clothing for me and my family
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