Shenanigans all around!

5oo4_shenanigansskort_xs_sportyspice_1inshorts_leftFor the past few weeks there have been a lot of shenanigans in our house…Shenanigan Skorts that is.  This is the fantastic new pattern by 5 Out of 4 Patterns!

The Shenanigans Skort is available in both women’s and children’s sizes.  Each pattern includes 3 skirt lengths with two hem options (regular hem and flounce).  There are also several lengths of shorts for under the skirt.  I am a runner and have bought many running skirts over the past 8 years or so.  I always hate spending so much for them.  I was so excited to see this pattern being released and even more so when I saw a kids version was in the works as well.

5oo4_shenanigansskort_xs_sportyspice_1inshorts_backThe first skirt I made was for myself.  I made the shortest length “Sporty Spice” with no flounce.  The shorts under the skirt are also the shortest length.  I made sure to take current measurements before printing and was a little apprehensive to make an XS when I usually like to buy Medium running bottoms at the store.  I trusted the measurements and printed out the XS.  I appreciated that the pattern had both a printing chart and utilized the layers option.  There were not that many pages to print and they all fit together with ease.  I made my skort from a 1 yard cut of athletic knit fabric from Joann’s.  I had no problem fitting all the pattern pieces on the yard of fabric.

5oo4_girlsshenanigansskort_10_highwaist_midthigh_strongposeI found the directions very clear.  I first tackled the shorts.  There is a gusset included with the pattern.  I was a little nervous about how it would go in.  It turns out it was very simple.  I am glad I used it because I do find it very comfortable while wearing.  I hemmed the shorts on my coverstich machine.  Next I put the skirt together, easy peasy.  The hem turned under nicely and was stitched on my coverstich.  Finally I put the waistband in.  That was all she wrote.  This was a very quick sew!
5oo4_girlsshenanigansskort_10_highwaist_midthigh_frontThe second skirt I made was for my oldest daughter.  She fell in love with some black and grey athletic fabric I had used a few weeks ago for some workout leggings.  I had just enough left for her skirt and waist band.  I used black swim wear knit for her shorts.  For her skort I went with the midthigh length.  She said no to the flounce ruffle, which was ok by me since I was really short on fabric.  She really loves this skort.

dsc00982The third skort was just sewn up this weekend.  We had a birthday girl in the house this weekend and were planning a surprise trip to Walt Disney World.  I whipped up a Shenegans skort with knit cotton lycra for her to wear to the park.  I made the mid thigh length and used the flouce ruffle.  I really love how it turned out.  It was very comfortable for her to wear all day in the hot sun and for the car ride there.

Overall, I am very happy with how all three versions of this pattern turned out.  We have spent a lot of money at Target over the past few years buying women’s and girl’s running skorts.  I am so happy to have found a pattern to make them myself that fits just as well.  I have tried mine out on a 5 miler so far with no irritation.  Next I am hoping to try a longer version with some french terry for a non-workout skort for wearing out to the ball field  this season.

Right now 5 Out of 4 Patterns is having a shop wide sale of 20% off with code GIRLSSKORT, good through Sunday Sept 25.  So hurry and get your copies while they are on sale!


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A stay at home mom who enjoys sewing custom clothing for me and my family
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2 Responses to Shenanigans all around!

  1. Ann says:

    Which waistband did you do? I really dislike elastic so I didn’t put it in….mine needs a little adjustment as it doesn’t sit quite right. It’s okay but could be better!

    • I used the midrise waistband with elastic. When we tested, that is how the pattern was written. However, since making my first I have continued to use elastic since it stays in place better and I use mine for running. The elastic is cut just about the same width as the band so isn’t super tight while on…just has better recovery to stay put!

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