Solis by Sofilantjes

dsc00747While everyone else in the US is transitioning to fall, Floridians are still embracing their tank tops and flip flops.  It is still reaching 90 degrees every afternoon.  That why I am still sewing for summer.  One of my favorite girl’s dress pattern from this summer was the Solis dress by Sofilantjes.

The Solis is a knit dress or tunic pattern sized from 12m to 14yr.  There are two skirt options with the pattern.  The first is a pleated skirt with pockets and the second is a full circle skirt.  The bodice is close fitting with a unique raceback style back.  I have made both versions for my youngest daughter in size 6.

dsc00745Once you have your pattern downloaded the fun begins!  The Solis pattern uses the layers feature and has a printing guide.  This makes it so easy to only print excatly what you need.  The pages all fit together perfectly.  In no time I was ready to pick out my fabric.

For my first try I made the pleated skirt option.  I only had a small amount of the bow fabric left.  I was able to get the entire skirt from half a yard of fabric!  For the bodice I was able to use scraps of solid cotton lycra knit from other projects.  The solid fabrics all came from Purple Seamstress.  The bow fabric is also medium weight cotton lycra knit and was purchased from Print Knit Studios.  I know many people are intimidated by pleats, but there is really no reason to be.  The pattern pieces from the skirt are very clearly marked.  dsc00979The smaller sizes have 4 pleats on the front and back while the larger have 6.  Once you have them folded and basted you just treat the skirt like any other skirt.  The bodice is fully lined and the side bodice seams are fully enclosed..  This is perfect for adding appliques to the bodices because your child won’t have to have the scratchy back side of the applique against their skin.  Be careful to follow the order of the bodice construction.  The back panel of the racer back has to loop around the neck band before it is sewn into the seam!

dsc00977Most recently I tried out the full circle skirt option.  It is hard to believe how quick this version works together.  I used a directional interlock knit from Print Knit Studios for the skirt.  Because it was a directional print I added a seam to the sides of the skirt.  If you do go this route be sure to add your seam allowance while you cut it!  The bodice was once again made form cotton lycra knit scraps from other projects from Purple Seamstress.  I chose to do a rolled hem on my serger for the skirt edge.

Because a few people have asked, I just wanted to mention that my appliques here are not done on an embroidery machine.  I trace the pictures out on heat n bond lite and cut out each color of fabric seperately.  I then zig zag around each piece to make the applique on my regular machine.  Maybe someday I will do a blog post on applique to explain it further.

I am very pleased with the outcome of both versions of the Solis dress.  I love the simplicity of the design and the different looks of each skirt option.  The bodice is ideal for applique or heat transfer vinyl designs.  If you are heading or staying in warm weather or heading off to a warm weather vacation, you can’t go wrong with the Solis Dress.


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