School’s in, Mom’s hitting the gym!

EYMM’s Back to School Tour: Moms Edition Day 3dsc00968

During the summer while the kids are home it is so easy to get settled into their schedule.  We spent our time having a blast at the zoo, swim lessons, basketball practice, and at the Twistee Treat.  It was so easy for me to hit the snooze on my alarm when it went off at 6am so I could run before they woke up!  Now that they are back in school there are no more excuses…mom is hitting the gym!

I am usually a runner.  My workout wardrobe consists of very short running skirts and shorts.  Just last week I noticed a major deficiency in my workout wardrobe.  What happened was that I failed to do laundry mid week between my Monday and Friday Spin Classes.  My 1 pair of knee length bike shorts was dirty and I had to wear a running skirt.  It was awful!  My legs kept sticking to the seat and I almost quit mid way.  On the way home I realized I desperately need some “Get Moving” bottoms in my life and I needed them fast.

EYMM’s Get Moving Bottoms are such a great pattern.  You get 5 different lengths of pants in one pattern!  There is a short shorts, bike shorts, knee length capri, calf length capri and full length option on this pattern.  You can also chose from having a regular or fold over “yoga style” waistband.  Pattern is sized XS-5X.  I live where it is hot year round.  I typically have no need for full length workout pants…even calf length is too hot most of the time.  For this tour I chose to go with the regular waistband and knee length capri.

dsc00965As with all of EYMM’s patterns they are very easy to print out and put together.  The sizes are divided into two groups.  There is a nice printing guide included in this pattern so you know whice pages you need to print.  My measurements put me in a size Medium for these pants.  I was able to only print the pages I needed which just happened to be pages 13-24.  This printed the entire pattern from the top to the full length cutting line.  This is actually perfect since the leg becomes more narrow as you reach the ankle, it is very easy to simply keep the entire pattern intact and fold it up on the cutting line you need!  Then you only need to print the pattern once.  The waist band is not included as a pattern piece, but rather listed in a cutting chart.  Unlike some patterns, the cutting chart is not printed on the leggings.   I printed the waistband measurements for both options in my size on the actual pattern piece for future reference.

The fabric I used for my leggings was a medium weight athletic knit I found at Hobby Lobby in July of this year.  I was amazed to find this in the clearance bin for $5!  I was out of town and had limited space or I would have purchased more for sure.  When you chose your fabric for the leggings make sure they have good stretch in both directions or they will not fit.  These pants are made to fit very snug.  I highly recommend printing out the handy stretch guide by EYMM to take with you to insure you find the right material!

dsc00966The pants are cut with one pattern piece, there are no side seams.  This is perfect for wearing to workout since less seams means less opportuinties to chafe and be uncomfortable!  It also makes for a quick project.  All you need to cut is two pants legs and 1 waistband and you are ready to sew.  I used my serger for all the seams and my coverstich for the hems.  I was able to make my leggings in less than 30 minutes from printing the pattern to hemming.

The fit of this pattern is great.  I like how the waistband sits higher on me.  Most other legging patterns I have tried require me to add length to the rise.  I did not have to alter these in any way.  I also love the addition of the knee length capri.  For my needs, pants for spin class, I don’t need pants to my calf.  That is just too hot.  I just need pants long enough so that none of my skin touches that bike seat when I am either sitting or standing on the bike.  I have not seen another leggings pattern offered at this length.14242312_10103146300231214_8428175988212118582_o

I realize that there are a lot of patterns for leggings available right now.  But for me, these are the only ones I don’t have to alter to fit me properly.  You can pick up the pattern here.  What a great time to pick them up for 50% off with the coupon code below.

The leggings have officially past the “spin” test!  Mike’s 9:30am spin class is no joke.  My leggings stayed put the entire 50 minutes with no chafing or irritation.  This photo is post class, so as you can guess I am wiped out!

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9 Responses to School’s in, Mom’s hitting the gym!

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  5. joellemarie72 says:

    This is my favorite length leggings for working out, too! Thanks for joining in the tour!

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  7. Kate says:

    They look great. I like pants like that to avoid chafing.

  8. idlesunshine says:

    They look awesome – I bet your spin buddies didn’t believe you made them!

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