Super Hero Day!

DSC00902We got sort of a last minute notice that there would be “Super Hero” day at school tomorrow.  I say last minute as in, not a lot of time for me to sew.  For those picking up a shirt at Target that is plenty of time…but I can’t buy something at the store!

Lucky for me that today is the day that Modkid released their newest knit dress pattern the Aubrey Dress.  I can never pass up buying a Modkid pattern so I jumped right on it.  Even better was that she was running a special sale today to celebrate so I got the pattern for 40% off.  I didn’t purchase the dress on Etsy until 2:30pm.  By 7pm I was all finished.  I did take time to cook dinner and do the dishes in between there too.

The pattern printed off very easily in true Modkid fashion.  She does not create a huge sheet to tape together like most pdf pattern designers do.  You can just cut out your pieces and put them together seperately.  The layers function is not utilized, but it is very simple to find your size to cut out even when printing in black and white as I do.  I had my pattern pieces printed and pieced together very quickly for this one.  It did not take very much fabric at all for my size 5.  I was able to even cut a pair of capri leggings from my second fabric and still have left overs.DSC00903

The pattern is very easy to follow.  Sometimes curved seams can be tricky for beginners.  Patty included notches on the curve to help you line up your seam properly.  Sadly not enough pdf pattern designers do this!  The best part of this pattern is the sweet hidden pocket in the front of the dress.  My daughter was instantly smitten with it.  It one big pocket…just like the pocket on the front of a hoodie…but hidden inside the dress!  Such a clever feature!  I chose to do the shortest sleeve on the pattern.  This version is simply a band added to the short dolman sleeve.  You can also chose an elbow length sleeve or a long sleeve for this dress.

Overall I am so happy with how this dress came out.  It will be so perfect for her to wear for Super Hero Day at school tomorrow.  If you are searching for a simple, comfy dress to showcase some fun fabrics this would be the perfect dress.  And if you hurry you can catch it on sale too!

The leggings I used to match the dress are the Bonny Leggings by Made for Mermaids.  These are a free pattern you can get a code for in their facebook group.  They come in 4 different lengths (boy shorts, bike shorts, capri and full length) as well as two different waistband styles (regular and fold over).  So cute and easy to whip up!

The fabric for this outfit all came from Print Knit Studio.  You can find these fabrics and many more for a great price in their facebook group.


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A stay at home mom who enjoys sewing custom clothing for me and my family
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One Response to Super Hero Day!

  1. Courtney says:

    This is an amazing sew!! I love how the timing filled the need pertectly!! Such fun fabrics too!

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