Greetings from the Sunshine State!

Hello out there.  It is good to be back after a long break.  Our family has once again made a cross country move.  We are back in the Sunshine State!  I have been busy getting the household back in order, getting the kids into school before it ended for the summer, and sewing them some summer clothing.  Summer was so short in Massachusetts that I avoided sewing summer clothes because they barely wore them before the season was over and then had outgrown them before the next summer arrived.  My kids got here with very few articles of summer clothing!  They didn’t even have swimsuits!  The first sewn outfit in FL was officially the Home Grown Tank by Little Lizard King.

DSC00703The Home Grown Tank is going to quickly be a staple for my youngest daughter’s wardrobe.  She is a typical 5 year old who loves the largest, wildest fabric prints that the store carries.  This dress uses stretch knits for the bodice and woven non stretch fabrics for the skirt.  I was able to use my last piece of Batgirl fabric for this dress.  I added the applique with my regular machine by tracing the shape onto heat n bond lite, fusing it to the bodice, and using a zig zag stitch on my regular machine to attach it.  The waist band on the pattern is a traditional tied waistband with woven, non stretch fabrics.  However, I much prefer the knit waist band that is used on Little Lizard King’s other pattern The Blue Ribbon Dress.  My daughter’s both prefer this waist band since they hate having a knot on their backs!

DSC00706There are very few pattern pieces to cut out for this pattern.  Just the bodice.  The rest of the pieces are rectangular pieces that you are given measurements for in a chart.  You can make this as a tunic or dress, with or without a contrast band at the bottom of the skirt.  At first I was intimidated by the bindings.  I will admit that the first time it was a challenge, even for an experienced seamstress familiar with sewing with knits.  Most of the time when I sew bindings I at least sew one edge down before folding the fabric over….this makes it easy to catch both sides.  Because of the top part of the strap not being attached to anything sewing down one side first becomes very difficult.  This means you have to fold the binding over both sides and attach in one swoop.  I admit to not catching the backside of the binding in a few spots the first time.  After doing the second strap I felt much more confident.

DSC00704Overall, I was very happy with this pattern.  I do plan on making several more.  I had avoided purchasing this pattern because it is so similar to their other pattern The Blue Ribbon Dress, and it was one of the more pricey pdf patterns I have purchased.  However, I am very glad I did.  Even though the skirt is basically the same I do appreciate the style of the bodice and feel we will get good use out of it here in FL.

**Please note that I was not a tester for this pattern or compensated in anyway for this review.  I purchased and made the pattern on my own just like everyone else!**


About Boutique Birdie

A stay at home mom who enjoys sewing custom clothing for me and my family
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