Amare Dress and Top by Sofilantjes

DSC00139It is no surprise I am a big fan of Sofilantjes patterns.  I really think she has knocked it out of the park again!  The Amare pattern can be either a top or a dress.  Sizes range from 12m to 12y.  The back has a button/snap closure.  The style is very sweet.  I made the top version for my oldest daughter.

Printing the pattern is very simple.  The center panel and straps are all one pattern piece.  The only other piece to the pattern is the side/back upper panels.  The side/bottom pieces are measurements from a chart.  The pieces print easily and feature the layers option.  I print in black and white and this is a really nice feature to have!

DSC00141The pattern pieces were together and cut in no time.  Now it was time to sit down and sew.  I really like how this pattern is assembled.   It is a little different from the standard pattern but not difficult.  I highly recommend reading through the directions once before starting to sew!  It is a nice change to see under stitching in the directions for a woven instead of top stitching every seam!  It really gives the  neckline a nice finish.

One of my favorite features on Sofilantjes patterns lately have been the directions on altering the pattern to fit your child better.  I have a very thin daughter and was easily able to alter the width of the pattern to an 8 while keep the length of the 10!

DSC00140As my daughter quickly approaches the “double digit” birthdays, she has become increasingly picky about what she will wear.  She really likes this top.  She has even requested some in character prints to wear to Disney World this fall!

To celebrate the pattern’s release, it will be on sale for only $5 for the next two days.  So be sure to pick up a copy and try it out!

**I am an affiliate and tester for Sofilantjes Patterns**


About Boutique Birdie

A stay at home mom who enjoys sewing custom clothing for me and my family
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