Liv Skirt + Leggin’s = Free Skort Pattern!

DSC00110So what do you get when you take the Liv Skirt by Sofilantjes and combine it with the Leggin’s pattern by Love Notions?  You get an awesome simple skort pattern that is free!  Yes, I said that correctly.  Both of these patterns are offered by the designers for free.  My girls were big fans of the Liv skirt ever since it’s release this winter.  They paired them with leggin’s for a cute and comfy look.  However, this summer they still wanted to wear their Liv skirts…but I was tired of seeing their underpants all the time!  With a little trial and error my skort idea came to life.  I have made each daughter 3 of these skorts and they are easily their favorites this summer.   So who is ready to learn how to combine these patterns?  I will apologize in advance that I do not have pictures with this tutorial.  I did not want to take and publish photos of either designer’s patterns.  I have done my best explaining it, but if you have further questions please as away!

First off you need to go to each designer’s website to download your free copies of the patterns.  The Liv Skirt is available at the Sofilantjes website in either English or Dutch.  The English link has been provided.  The Leggin’s pattern is available at the Love Notions website.  The next step would be to print off the pattern.  Both patterns have the layers option so you only need to print the size you need.  We will be using the Liv Skirt as is so you can go ahead and cut and prep your pattern pieces.  We will be adjusting the Leggin’s slightly below.

DSC00111Once you get your Leggin’s pattern printed you will notice two waist options.  There is a cutting line for an elastic waist band and one for a yoga waistband.  You will need to cut it at the yoga waistband cutting line.  Next get out your ruler…a flexible one will work the best.  Curve it around the inseam of the pants.  Mark it at 3″ from the top.  Now draw a line parallel to the bottom of the pants.  This will be your shorts for your skort!

Cut out all the pieces from your fabric as desired.  I tend to just use whatever fabric I have left over for the shorts since they aren’t seen as much.  This summer I have used a medium weight cotton lycra knits for my skorts.

Now that your fabric is all cut we can start sewing it up!  First start with your shorts pieces.  Sew them up according to the pattern’s directions using a 1″ hem.  Stop here…do not add a waistband!  If you prefer a smaller hem on your shorts you can just cut your inseam shorter and adjust accordingly.  Once you have your shorts complete to sans waistband set them aside.  You can now complete your Liv Skirt per pattern instructions.  Stop when you get to the waistband installation.

DSC00112To finish up your skorts you will place the shorts inside the skirt just as you would wear them with the right side of the shorts facing the wrong side of the skirt.  Quarter off the shorts and the skirt and pin together.  Take your waistband for the Liv Skirt, quarter it and pin it around the outside of the skirt and shorts and sew them all together at once.  Turn your waistband back up and admire your work.  You now have a super cute skort made from two great free patterns!

In case anyone is curious, the tank top in the picture is Jalie #2565e.  I have been using the paper pattern version for years now for myself and the girls.  It is one of our summer favorites and works perfectly with this skort.  Jalie now has this pattern available as a pdf pattern.  The other two patterns included are a little dated but this racerback has not gone out of style!


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