Pandora Hipster by Cloudspitter Designs

DSC00048Every summer I like to carry a hipster or cross body bag.  It is just easier with all the activities and traveling we seem to do.  So as the temperature began to rise I starting scouring Pinterest for the perfect summer bag pattern to sew.  I am very glad I finally came across the Pandora Hipster by Cloudspitter Designs!

This designer was new to me, so I hesitated at first to buy the pattern.  I searched for reviews and finished products and still didn’t find much out.  But the bag still called to me so I took a chance and purchased the pattern.  I am so glad I did.

First, let’s break down this bag to see all the options.  It can be sort of difficult to see once the bag is complete.

Main compartment:  In my photos the main compartment can be seen right where the red lining peeks up near the strap loops.  The lining of the main compartment has slip in pockets on one side and a zippered pocket on the other.  The main compartment has a magnetic closure.  That is really the only gripe I have about this pattern.  I really wish the main compartment zipped closed.  I think this could be easily solved next time with the addition of a recessed zipper though.

The exterior pocket:
 The exterior pocket is on the front of the bag.  It is an awesome pleated pocket with a slip in pocket inside!  This pocket is also closed with a magnetic snap.DSC00049

The exterior pocket flap:  This might still be one of my favorite parts.  The flap that closes the exterior pleated pocket actually is a pocket.  This pocket closes with a zipper.  I have found it to be the perfect spot for my keys.  Easy to access and secured so they won’t fall out!DSC00050

As you can see, this pattern is very detailed.  This bag was a two day weekend project for me.  On Friday evening I cut out all the pieces, which are quite a few.  I also fused all the interfacing and fusible fleece.  Saturday I was able to finish most of the exterior and Sunday the lining and straps.  This bag was not difficult, just detailed.  There are a lot of steps to follow.  I printed out the text only guide to the pattern and checked off the steps as I went along.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my bag.  This bag is going to be perfect for our trip in July where we will be flying.  I can easily fit my ipad into the main pouch along with a magazine or book.  If you are looking for a hipster with just a little more than the average pattern, this is the bag for you.


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A stay at home mom who enjoys sewing custom clothing for me and my family
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