Sofilantjes Summer Surprise Anniversary Tour

summer_surprise_tour5It is hard to believe that Sofilantjes Patterns have only been around 1 year!  They have quickly become some of my favorite patterns to work with.  Each week as I put away our laundry I can see all my girl’s favorites being put away to wear again quickly.  I am excited to take part in this celebration this week and help share our love for Sofilantjes Patterns!

For the Anniversary Tour I have taken the Summer Surprise tank and mashed it with the Liv Skirt to create a fun summer dress for my girls.  The tops blouse out over the waistband of the skirts to create a cute comfy look.  The Liv Skirt is actually a free pattern you can download from the Sofilantjes website and one of our favorites!  (Here is my blog review of the Liv Skirt)

summer_surprise_tour2To recreate my mash up you will need to go ahead and print and cut out the pattern pieces for the Summer Surprise Top and the Liv Skirt.  You will use all the pieces for the top and all but the waist band for the skirt.  Next, I sewed both pieces just as the pattern called stopping the top before the hem and the skirt before the waistband (though I did skip ahead and hem the skirt).

The next step is pretty much the only time I did not follow the pattern.  For the waist band connecting the two patterns I actually used the waist band that is included in the Otium Sweater pattern.  (Another pattern by Sofilantjes!)  Because I needed the waistband to have a casing, I used two layers.  This meant cutting 4 waist band pieces on the fold instead of two.  I also needed to make it shorter since it would not be folded in half.  To do this I simply folded the pattern in half vertically, including the 3/8 seam allowance I would need for the top.

summer_surprise_tour1I first connected the waistband to the top.  I placed the waist band with right sides facing to both the inside and outside of the top.  I quartered the top and stretched the waistband to fit the top.  Once the seam is sewn you can flip down the waistband and get ready to attach the skirt.

I chose to insert elastic into my waist band to hold up the skirt.  I measured my girl’s waist and cut the elastic 2 inches less than their waist measurement.  Once the elastic was in there I was able to once again quarter up the band and the skirt and sew them together, stretching the band to fit the skirt.  Once that seam is done you are ready to turn it right side out and try it on!

To celebrate the 1 year Anniversary of Sofilantjes Patterns there will be giveaways daily by both Sofilantjes and other designers as well!  You can also get 25% off the Summer Surprise by using the code “anniversary” on the Sofilantjes website through the 30th.

Today’s giveaway includes:

-E+M Patterns, winner’s choice

-Izzy & Ivy, winner’s choice

-Mandy K Designs, winner’s choice

-Paisley Roots, Saffron Twirl

-Rose & Lee Designs, winner’s choice

-Aivilo Charlotte, winner’s choice

-Funktional Threads, winner’s choice

-Sofilantjes, winner’s choice

The giveaways for each day will be open for 48 hours starting at midnight of each posting day in the EST (time zone)  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to follow the tour daily for chances to win some great prizes!



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5 Responses to Sofilantjes Summer Surprise Anniversary Tour

  1. Jordan A says:

    I’ve only used the Otium, but I love it!

  2. sofilantjes says:

    My two favourite gils! Thank you for celebrating with me.

  3. sofilantjes says:

    girls. Thanks spelling check!

  4. Dana says:

    Love this mashup! These dresses are so cute!

  5. Oh, fun! Another great mashup I’ll have to try!

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