Brueram Dress by Sofilantjes

breuram1When I first saw the line drawings for this dress I wasn’t sure what I thought.  To me it was just another cotton sundress.  I showed the line drawings to my oldest daughter and she chose the maxi length.  At the fabric store she chose 3 yards of Tutti Frutti seersucker.  Usually these types of dresses just do not fit her.  She is very slim.  With a 23″ chest, 22″ waist and 54″ of height, most fitted dresses are still very loose on her.  I filled out her measurements into the tester database  and waited to be contacted.

The day the testers received their assignments I was thrilled to see my assignment was labeled “slim adjustments”.  What?  Usually in testing you follow the pattern exactly with no adjustments.  I instantly opened up this pattern file to read the directions.  Sure enough on page 8 were directions on how to adjust the bodice for both slim and plus size children!  Now she has my attention.

breuram2The Brueram dress by Sofilantjes is a simple and versatile dress pattern.  There is only 1 bodice style but 3 skirt styles.  You can make it a top, a tulip skirt, or a maxi.  And since the skirt is a rectangle you can pretty much do any length your heart desires in between.  The best part of this pattern by far are the instructions she provides you on how to adjust the bodice for slim and plus size children.  So, if you are like me and have a child that just doesn’t fit the norm in most patterns, this is your pattern.

The pattern is set up very well and easy to follow along.  She uses line graphics instead of photos, which I much prefer.  The layers feature is utilized in this pattern, enabling you to only have to prints the lines for your size.  The pattern pieces are 26 pages long if you chose to do the tulip skirt.  If you chose the top or the maxi (or any length in between) you will only need to print 6 pages for the bodice pieces.  The skirts are given as measurements.  My pages printed and fit together with ease and were very quick to print out.  Since the straps extend out of the bodice, I only had two pattern pieces to print and put together.

100_3014Sewing this dress was a breeze.  All the pieces went together easily and I ran into no difficulties understanding any steps.  I chose to use rows of elastic encased in the lining for my bodice.  There are also directions to shirr the bodice with elastic thread as well.

The alterations I made were straight from page 8 in the pattern.  I merged a size 6 chest measurement with the height of the size 9.  I followed her directions exactly and made no other changes.  In the end we ended up with a perfectly fitting dress!

Obviously we love this dress.  It not only fits her body perfectly, it also fits her personality to a tee.  I highly recommend taking a look at this dress and giving it a try.  Especially if you have a hard to fit daughter.  I can’t tell you how excited my daughter was to have something actually fit her like it should.

For the next two days only you can purchase the Brueram dress for only $5!  The pattern is available on her website in both English and Dutch.  Hurry and take advantage of a great deal on a great pattern.

**I was a tester for the Brueram dress and am an affiliate of Sofilantjes**


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