Chocolate Chip Skirt by Tie Dye Diva

chocolatechip_1About 4 years ago I took a big jump and purchased my first pdf sewing pattern.  At the time my girls were 5 and about 5 months old.  The pattern was the Sweet Summer Halter by Tie Dye Diva.  That little pattern has gotten a lot of use through the years.  Now fast forward to March of 2015…when Tie Dye Diva makes a tester call for her first Women’s pattern.  Of course I had to apply.

The Chocolate Chip Skirt is the grown up version of the Potato Chip Skirt for girls.  It features a flat front and elastic back.  There are hip pockets and great instructions for adding piping to those pockets for a nice polished look.  There are also instructions for lining the skirt and making it reversible!

100_2916I chose to make the unlined version in a med weight corduroy.  I sewed up a size medium according to my hip and waist measurement.  I even used the same corduroy as the pocket bag and lining pieces too.

The pattern prints very easily.  The sizes are color coded and everything is clearly marked for the version you are sewing.  It didn’t take much time at all to have everything taped together and ready to go.  The skirt did not take much fabric, which is always a nice bonus.  I used remnants from some fall jumpers I made for the girls last year.

Once the fabric is cut, the skirt sews up pretty quick.  The diagrams are clear and easy to work from.  I sewed my skirt exactly as the pattern calls for.  I did shorten it by 2″, but I used the designer’s instructions on how to do so from the pattern.  I highly recommend using the method in the pattern as opposed to simply shorten it extra at the end.  The skirt has a flare to it on the edges and this is lost if you simply make it shorter.

100_2914There was some concern that the extra fabric in the back was not flattering to some women.  I think this just depends on the person.  The nature of an elastic waist skirt is that it has to have enough fabric to go over your hips and that extra fabric has to go somewhere when it sits on your waist.  I was just fine with the extra in a heavier weight fabric, but I think it just depends on your personal preferences.

Overall, I am very glad I was able to test this pattern.  I think this is a great skirt pattern and a great wardrobe staple.  I can’t wait to make a seersucker skirt for the summer!  I definitely will be reaching for this pattern again.  I have also already purchased the child’s version for my girls since I was so happy with the adult version.

This pattern is available today through Friday on the Tie Dye Diva’s website for only $6.95!


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