Gemini Skirt Bundle by Sofilantjes

100_2907I am very excited to finally share my photos and review of the new Gemini Bundle of skirts by Sofilantjes!  The pattern includes 2 separate skirt patterns sized NB-12 years.  Both skirts have a knit waist band that does not require elastic.  One skirt has a cute double layer flounce skirt and the second is more fitted and has a large pocket in the front.

Just for fun I let each of my daughters chose which skirt they wanted and which fabrics they wanted to use for their skirt.  We paired them with Otium Sweaters, another fabulous Sofilantjes pattern, for a complete outfit.

100_2904My youngest instantly grabbed my rainbow knit and insisted on the double flounce skirt.  She measured in the range for the size 3/4 for the skirt and the 4 for the Otium Sweater.  I added the rainbow applique at her request.  It was hand cut and hand guided on my regular sewing machine.  I used the 3/4 length cutting line for the sleeves and used the bow back neckline.

100_2903My oldest went for a little more toned down set.  She really loves the fit of the slim skirt.  She measured in the range for the size 9/10 skirt and the size 9 Otium Sweater.  She also insisted on the bow back neckline and 3/4 length sleeves on the top.

Just like all Sofilantjes patterns, these printed out and fit together very easily.  She utilizes the size layers option.  This allows you to print out only the size you need.  These skirts do not take many pages of paper.  The flounce skirt has side seams and is cut on the fold so it doesn’t have as large of a pattern piece.  There is also a very handy printing guide that spells out each page you will need to print for the skirt and size you need to avoid printing excess pages.

100_2905Another thing I love about these skirts is how little fabric they use!  Even the double layer flounce skirt took less than 1 yard of fabric in the size 3/4!  I had enough left over from my yard to make the cuffs and bands for the top!  The slim skirt was made from half yard remnant pieces left over from other projects!

Sewing up these skirts is very quick.  The flounce skirt called for rolled hems or binding.  I am generally not a fan of rolled hems but I love how it looks on this skirt.  I did not pull my fabric to make a lettuce edge, I just edged it as flat as possible.  Once the edges are finished all you have to do is attach them to the knit waist band!  That is it.  No gathering, no feeding elastic through the waistband with a safety pin.  Easy peasy!  The fitted skirt is also a quick sew.  Once you bind the pockets and sew the side seams all you have left is attaching the skirt to the same knit waist band.  Again, easy peasy!

These skirts are destined to be a wardrobe staple in our household.  Pairing them with leggings during the winter and alone in the summer will make them a pattern that can be used year round.

The tops I have made to coordinate with these tops are the Otium Sweater also by Sofilantjes.  It works so well with these skirts.  Here is a link to my review of that pattern on my blog.

**I am an affiliate of Sofilantjes Patterns**


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