Maxx-ine Pants by Love Notions

maxine_1I will admit that last year when Love  Notions released the Moto Maxx Pants, they really didn’t appeal to me.  I really liked so many things about them…but they just really didn’t fit my girl’s style.   I can’t tell you how excited I was when I found out that Love Notions was revisiting this pattern with all the things I liked about the Moto Maxx Pants, but in a style that was perfect for my girls!

The Maxx-ine Pants and Skirt are part of the Designers Challenge Series on Pattern Revolution.  She kept the same slim fit of the Moto Maxx and the pull on waist band.  She added hip pockets and trendy ankle zippers.  There are also regular and capri length cutting lines.

maxine_3The pants call for a bottom weight fabric with stretch.  I used a stretch denim from Joann’s.  My zippers are 7″ metal zippers and the elastic for my waistband was 2″ wide.  I made the size 8 pants capri length and was able to cut them from 1 yard of fabric.

As with all of Love Notion’s patterns, they print out and go together with ease.  Thanks to the size layers in this pattern I was able to only print out the size 6 and 8 cutting lines.  This made grading my daughter’s pants between her size 6 waist and size 8 length a breeze.  It took no time at all to cut out the pattern pieces and fabric for these pants.  I only needed 5 pieces (pants front, pants back, pocket lining, pocket bag, and waist band).

maxine_4I was a little hesitant to start these pants due to both the pockets and the zippers.  I read the directions several times before starting to make sure I had it.  It was actually much simpler than I anticipated to have a nice, professional finish on both of these areas.  The pocket fits on the pants perfectly and the directions are very clear.  The zippers have a few more steps, but I am almost embarrassed that I was nervous about them.  They were so easy.  They just might be the nicest zippers I have installed.

I can’t express enough how happy I am with these pants.  I honestly don’t think anyone could tell them from a store bought pair!  My daughter has already requested a black pair made from knit ponte and a regular stretch denim pair!

If you have already purchased the Moto Max pants you get the Maxx-ine add on for free!  If not you can buy the Maxx-ine Pants and Skirt for only $5 on the Love Notions’ website. The sale is only good through Midnight tonight so hurry up and don’t miss out!

**I am an affiliate of Love Notions Patterns**


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