The Tally Skirt and Shorts by GYCT

tally2I recently was involved in the testing of the Tally Skirt and Shorts by GYCT.  This is a cute girls pattern with pleats on the sides, and a button flap waistband.  The front of the waistband is flat and the back contains elastic.  The sizes include 6m-12yr. tally3

The pattern for the skirt only requires 2 pages to print.  There are no actual pattern pieces for it.  There is a cutting chart for rectangular pieces and a guide for marking the pleats.  However, the pleated shorts do have actual pattern pieces.  The cutting guide is clear and it was very easy to cut all the required pieces for the pattern.  Another plus is that it does not use much fabric.  I was able to use 56″ wide fabric for both the skirts I made and only needed 1/2 a yard for each.

tallyThe pattern is pretty straight forward when constructing the pleats.  She has a great diagram and it is very easy to press those pleats down before you have a waist band on the skirt.  She has clear photos to steer you along the way.  The only tricky part for me was the waistband.  This was just new for me.  I definitely recommend reading it over a time or two before you stitch.  When you go to put on the waistband the back and sides need to overlap with the front center waistband piece.  This seems odd but it will work if you follow her directions!  Once you get the waistband on you are in the home stretch!  The last step for me was adding all the buttons, 6 in total.  I did not have a sharp hand sewing needle around so I used my machine to put the buttons on.  I was using denim for both skirts and a dull needle is just too painful through a few layers!

It is difficult to see in my photos of my youngest daughter because her shirt was longer, but here is a close up of my oldest daughter’s skirt showing the front button flap details.tally4

Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of my skirts.  I was actually surprised that my 9 year old asked for a denim one after seeing her little sister’s!  I think this is a cute, classic style and works up very quickly.  Also pictured in the photos is the Tinley Tee also by GYCT.  These two patterns together make for a great outfit!

The Tally Skirt and Shorts are on sale through Wednesday at the GYCT website.  Stop by and check them out!


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