Iridis Wrap Dress by Sofilantjes

I just recently finished up testing the two add on skirts for the previously released Iridis pattern by Sofilantjes.  The Iridis is a true wrap style dress for girls size 12m to 14.  The bodice can be made using either knit or woven fabrics.  The recommended fabric varies for the skirt depending on what style you chose.iridis3

I highly recommend reading through this pattern at least once before you print or cut anything!  There are a lot of pages to print for both these add on styles.  As you can imagine when you are working will full circle panels there is really no way to use less paper.  She has a wonderful printing guide and even has a page that shows you how all the pages are taped together.

Once you are ready to hit the print button, you can start to relax a little.  The pages fit together perfectly.  It will take a lot of floor space, unless you cut as you go like I did.  Once I had an entire piece taped together I went ahead and cut it out and set it aside.  Then I didn’t have to wrangle with a huge sheet of paper!

Once you are done getting your pattern pieces ready it is time to grab some fabric.  The style of skirt you chose will determine what fabrics you have to chose from.  The bodice can be made from either knit or woven.  The full circle skirt can also be made from knit or woven.  However, it is recommended that you use woven for the paneled skirt.iridis4

The pieces of the skirt, especially the paneled skirt, are probably not exactly what you are used to seeing.  Pay careful attention to the direction of the grain while you are placing your pieces.  Also make sure you cut mirrored front skirt pieces so they can fold over from the opposite direction!

The final step of your prep work will be deciding what to bind your bodice and skirt in.  When it comes to the bodice you can use bias tape or fold over elastic.  For the hem of the skirt you can either use bias tape or a rolled hem.  I chose bias tape for both of my dresses.  I also chose to make my own bias tape rather than purchase it in the store.  I just really enjoy the look of homemade bias tape.  I was able to use a half yard piece of fabric and cut a continuous piece of bias tape.  This was enough for even the size 9 with a little to spare.

For my first test I used the size 9 for a plain circle skirt.  My daughter chose her own fabric, it is a grey dot interlock from Joann’s.  I made my own bias tape for the binding of the top and skirt from some Moda Marble Swirls I had in my stash.  As I mentioned before, a continuous strip of bias tape from a half yard cut of fabric was enough for this entire dress!  This option works up so fast!  Once the fabric was cut it seemed like no time at all before it was all done. iridis7

I think dress is just gorgeous.  I was afraid that it would be far to big for her since she is very slender.  However the wrap still is able to cinch up enough for her and still look great.  The fact that the skirt is not gathered at the waist is also a huge bonus.  Sometimes she just gets lost in all that gathering.  This dress also has some super twirling ability.  I hadn’t seen her twirl in quite awhile but she couldn’t resist in this dress.  She continued wearing this dress for the remainder of the day to play.  She said it was very comfortable in the arms and did not restrict her in any way.  It was very refreshing to see my jeans girl embrace a dress in this way.

For my second test I used the size 4 paneled skirt.  I used some solid cotton lycra from Purple Seamstress on the bodice.  The skirt is made from two woven prints I purchased several years ago at Joann’s.  I also made my own bias tape on this one too.  The print I used was the lipstick pin dot from Joann’s.  I had several yards left of the bias tape when I was finished from a half yard cut of fabric.iridis6

Even though the skirt has several pieces to it, it still works up pretty quick.  The pattern has you sew the tiers for each panel separately then sew the panels together at the end.  I was nervous that my side seams would not line up nicely on each tier but shockingly they did!

I could not get my little one out of this dress.  She immediately went and got her petti skirt out to wear under this and wore it the entire day.  She also received many compliments at her school Valentine’s day party as well.

Overall, I am very glad I was able to test these two add-ons.  It is usually not the type of style I would try for my girls.  I was very happy with the final product and so were the girls.  This isn’t a dress I would make all the time, like my Otium tops, since they require so much fabric.  But after seeing how well they fit my girls I will definitely be making them again in the near future.  I highly recommend this pattern for those who’s girls love some twirl.  I think that the options available in the pattern can lead to such variety.  Just look at the two I made!iridis5

The pattern is available now for purchase on the Sofilantjes website.  If you already have the original pattern you can just purchase the add ons.  If you have not, a bundle pack is available for purchase that includes these two new options and the previous two options all in one!  Now through Wed you can buy either of these options at a discounted introductory rate.  So hurry and check it out!


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  1. sofilantjes says:

    They both look beautiful

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