Extraordinary Girl by Filles a Maman


This cute top by Filles a Maman was just released to her website yesterday.  The pattern includes 2 sleeve options (3/4 and long) and an optional chest pocket.  The bottom hem is curved and longer in the back of the top.  The neckline is lapped similar to what you see in infant clothing.  The sizing for the girl’s version of this top is 12m-14yr.

I was a tester for this pattern.  I tested the size 8 for my oldest daughter.  This was the second time using a pattern by Filles a Maman for me.  I had previously sewn 4 pair of slippers using her slipper sock pattern.  Her patterns print easily and fit together perfectly.  She utilizes the layers option, so you can print only the size you need.

Filles a Maman uses clear computer generated illustrations throughout her pattern.  I really appreciate this method over photos.  It is very easy to tell which side of the fabric she is referring to.  The pattern was pretty straight forward as most knit tops are.  However, the neckline was a new method for me.  I did take extra time reading over the steps for this part.  The pattern pieces are marked where you will be overlapping the neckline and this is clearly demonstrated in the illustrations for those who are more visual than verbal when following instructions.

I enjoyed working through the testing process with this designer.  She was very attentive and responsive to the tester’s concerns.  This is reflected in the changes that were made before the final release.


My daughter has had the opportunity to wear this top twice now.  She finds it to be very comfortable.  She said she likes the longer length in the back while she is sitting at her desk at school.  She also likes that her head goes through the neck with ease.  I like that the sleeves have plenty of length to them, which is often not the case when sewing for her since she is at the top of the size 8 for height.

Overall, I was very pleased with both the finished product and the entire testing process.  So much so I have purchased the women’s version to make a top for myself to wear as well.  Right now at the Filles a Maman website you can pick up the girl’s pattern for $6.95 or purchase both the women’s and girl’s versions for $13.


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A stay at home mom who enjoys sewing custom clothing for me and my family
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