Lil’ Miss Finnley Pants by Greenstyle Creations


As soon as I saw the adult version of the Finnley’s I knew this was going to be a big hit with my oldest daughter.  She just turned 9 in Nov and has moved on past the age of ruffle pants.  She usually goes more for leggings or yoga style.  These pants are the perfect solution.


The Lil’ Miss Finnley pants are knit pants with a straight leg.  They are not as snug as leggings but not as loose as say pj pants.  The bottom of the legs features three rings of fabric.  They are essentially the same width as the pants leg.  So they don’t stand out in an over the top way as ruffle pants do.  The pants have an elastic waist band and a nice rise.  They do not go to low when she squats and are comfortable when she twirls baton.

Just as with all of Greenstyle’s patterns, the pieces printed and fit together nicely.  The directions were very straight forward…even giving three different ways to attach the rings!  I chose the quickest way….by attaching the rings with the pants still flat and sewing them up in the inseam.

The coolest part about these pants is that they look better after washing them.  We used a cotton/lycra knit on our pants and left the edges raw.  After they were washed the bottoms of the rings curled giving them a really cool effect.  I definitely plan on making these again for both girls!


About Boutique Birdie

A stay at home mom who enjoys sewing custom clothing for me and my family
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