5 days of Holiday dresses! – Drop Waist Diva by Little Lizard King

I usually go a little overboard with holiday dresses.  This year my girls have 5 coordinating holiday outfits!  Since there are exactly 5 days of school left as of today the parade of Christmas outfits has officially begun!


Day 1 is the Drop Waist Diva Dress by Little Lizard King.  I really like this style of dress for my girls. My oldest especially, is very thin.  Sometimes she gets swallowed up in full ruffly sets.  The dropped waist and the slimmer fit of this bodice suits her build well.  I made a size 8 and 4.  Both dresses fit true to size.  Sleeves were a nice length, comfortably hitting them right at the wrist.  Length on both girls was right around the knee.

I found that this pattern went together pretty quick.  I do have a Johnson Ruffler Machine though, so ruffles are very fast for me!  I appreciate that she used panels on the skirt so that all the ruffles are enclosed in a seam.  No more wobbly rings of ruffles!  My only complaint is that I found the sleeve bands to be so tiny.  They are the same width as the sleeve opening and just barely poke out of the sleeve.  I have actually made a second Drop Waist Diva set for the holidays and I chose to just slightly extend the sleeve to do a traditional hem, which I liked much better.

Overall, I really enjoyed this pattern.  As I mentioned earlier, I have already made a second one with a traditional skirt because the fit was so nice on my girls.  It is a nice change for a drop waist on a pattern that uses a knit bodice with a woven skirt.

***I was not a tester for this pattern and I am not paid in any way by this designer.  I am just a happy customer who paid for and tried out a new pattern!***


About Boutique Birdie

A stay at home mom who enjoys sewing custom clothing for me and my family
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