Otium Sweater by Sofilantjes

Last week I tested the Otium Sweater by Sofilantjes.  This is such a great top pattern with so many options.  With both short and long sleeves it is a pattern you can use the entire year!


I tested a size 4 long sleeve with the diagonal pocket.  This was perfect for my daughter who brings her Chi Chi monkey with her everywhere she goes.  She has worn this top a few times now and is always putting things in the big pocket while she plays.  There is also a plain option and an option with a bow on the back.  All versions have cuffs and a waist band.

The pattern printed very easily and fit together very nicely.  This was a very quick sew.  The pattern pieces fit together so well…especially the sleeves.  I can honestly say that I have not had sleeves ease into the arm opening this nicely in quite awhile.  My daughter has a slightly long torso and this top fits her so well with no length added.  The waistband is a little snug and keeps the top down.  The sleeves have a great length, and even if they were to be slightly long on your child the cuffs would keep them up or could be folded to shorten.


Overall, I was extremely pleased with my finished top.  So pleased that I just purchased the adult version of this top that was also released today!  I can definitely see many more Otium tops in our family’s future.

Both the children’s and women’s pattern are on sale through Tues.  The Women’s Otium Sweater for $7, the Otium girls for only $6.50 or both for $13 on Sofilantjes’ website


100_2575I have now sewn my second Otium Sweater for my oldest daughter in a size 8.  This top fits her perfectly!  I added machine embroidery to her top and used the long sleeve plain version.  I can’t wait to try one for me next!


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A stay at home mom who enjoys sewing custom clothing for me and my family
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