Amanda Sew Along Step 1

Tonight is the first night of the Amanda Sew Along!  We will be working through the Amanda Tote and Cross Body Bag by Funktional Threads.  We will be going step by step and answering all your questions along the way!

Acquiring the Pattern

The first thing you will need to do is acquire the pattern.  There are a few different places you can purchase the digital PDF pattern.  I am going to link to the bundles of both patterns.  You can also chose to purchase one individual pattern as well.



Of course, it is best if you read through the pattern before you get your scissors out!


  • fabric – The pattern calls for cotton woven fabric.  I would not recommend going any heavier than this due to the bulk of the seams.  The yardage given is for a main print and a contrast.  However, you can mix this up to your liking.
  • batting – You have two options for the outer body of your bag.  You can either quilt it or use fusible fleece.  I have used both methods and like both ways.  The fusible is obviously quicker but the quilting also gives the bag a really great look as well.  The pattern includes grid lines to guide you through the quilting.  Don’t be nervous if you have never quilted.  We are going to go in dept on the subject for step 2 of the sew along!
  • inter lining – The inter lining in this pattern is simply used to back the quilted pieces.  It will not be seen in your final bag.  I like to use scraps of fabric left from old projects for these pieces.  Just make sure they don’t show through to the front of your bag!  You can also use interfacing for this as well if you chose.
  • interfacing – You will need a few small pieces of interfacing for this bag.
  • zippers – Each pattern uses 2 zippers.  You can find the lengths required in the pattern.  I prefer just to order 14″ zippers online and cut them down to size.  I order my zippers on etsy from zipit.  This is much more cost effective than buying individual zippers locally.  They also had quick shipping and even sent me a free color card of their zippers for future purchases!
  • hardware – If you are making the tote you will not need any hardware for the handles.  If you are making the cross body you will need a 1″ hoop and slider set.  I was not successful finding this item locally and purchased on etsy from Sewingsupplies.  They had a great selection and super quick shipping.  I have also heard that it is available at Hobby Lobby as well.  If you are not wanting to spend the extra for the loop and slider you could make the strap without them.  It would not be adjustable though and you might want to measure yourself to get the right length before you sew it in.

Printing and Piecing the Pattern

When you go to print the pattern, make you you select the option “no scaling”.  This will help to insure your pattern prints out at the right size.  There will also be a box that prints out that is exactly 1″ square.  It is good to measure this box to make sure your printer is printing out the pattern properly.

The pattern will print many pages.  You will fit your pieces of paper together like a giant puzzle.  Each pattern piece will have the name of the piece and a letter.  You overlap the small rectangular area on each piece to fit them together.  In this picture you can see how the small rectangle between the two pattern pieces is overlapped and all the quilting markings match up.


I like to tape the pieces with all sizes together and keep them in my pattern pile.  Then I trace off the size I need so I don’t waste my printer ink!  You will also want to either print out or right down the additional pieces you will need to cut out that didn’t have a pattern piece.  These are just rectangular pieces that measurements are given for.  I like to write these measurements on my pattern piece so they are easy to refer too when I am sitting on the floor cutting out my pieces!

Cutting Everything Out

This is the last part of step 1.  Cut out all the fabric, batting, inter lining, and inter facing.  Make sure you also cut out all the rectangular pieces that did not have a printed pattern piece!  Once that is all complete sit back and get ready for Wednesday night when we tackle the quilting in Step 2!




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